“Too many excuses…..” by Mr. Cody

How was your physical shape when you started the program and what type of progress have you made?

I could barely run a mile. (Did not realize the amount of running) I had turned 50 and had not exercised seriously in 20 years. Too many excuses, but decided I needed a group to help and push me. I don’t like weights. Kept having injuries and was not losing weight.

Though I started working on my push-ups and sit ups prior to starting, I quickly became fatigued during those first weeks. I remember the first day was a leg day, bench step-ups and I went home and took a nap. As each week passed I got stronger and through this experience I have lost 30 pounds, purchased a new set of clothes and changed my eating habits. Yes it is still tough, but I have been taught to be used to the uncomfortable.

Do you have a favorite SEAL PT memory or workout that comes to mind?

Even a funny memory involving Instructor Walston or one of the other Instructors?

Funny moment? Book camp first day, towards the end, doing jumping jacks. Instructor Walston walked up and started asking what I was doing.  I had drifted away from the group and hadn’t realized it. Lesson, pay attention to your surroundings.

Any advice for someone wanting to try SEAL PT?

What have I learned? Keep showing up. Do your best and focus on your form. You will have others there to encourage you. The healthier you eat, the better you feel the next day.


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