“It will change you for the better!” by Christine Lametrie

How was your physical shape when you started the program and what type of progress have you made?

When I started I was at the end of my tackle football season, suffering from a knee injury, and about 260 lbs. I wanted to get back to good physical health but was struggling with my football injury. I had decided not to return to playing tackle football and was looking for a team oriented program that could help motivate me to get back in shape. Seal PT seemed to be the answer. When I started I could barely run and was always the last one on every run we did.  When I started I set three goals: 1-lose weight, 100 lbs, 2-get in shape to do a bootcamp, 3-to become a Lifer. For me it was important to hit those goals in order. I didn’t want to just do the bootcamp, I wanted to be in physical shape to knock the bootcamp challenge out the park. It took me 4 years before I accomplished my goals. It took me a few years to balance my diet with my exercise. I was the little toot toot at the back of the pack, determined to never give up. I never did. I kept pushing and pushing and slowly made progress but still held the back down. As I started to get my nutrition on point, the weight started to drop in 2014 going into 2015. As the weight came off my ability to run improved. At the end of 2015 I had finally reached my goal of losing 100 lbs. Actually had lost over 110 lbs. I then took on the bootcamp challenge in March of 2016. That was the best, most rewarding challenging 2-1/2 weeks (we got extended a bit…lol) of my life. I felt so accomplished to be reaching that goal I had set for myself. I also was physically at the top of my bootcamp class which spoke to the hardwork I had put in. At the end of bootcamp, I had the absolute honor of shaking Instructor Walston’s hand to note successful completion. I was then give the honor of becoming a Lifer. I had mastered all the goals I had originally set back in 2012. I was so proud of myself for not giving up. I have set new goals, now. As Lifer, I started out in Charlie team. I set the goal of making it to Alpha team. I have currently progressed to Bravo team and continue to work towards my goal of Alpha! That’s why I love Seal PT. It pushes me to go past my comfort zone. You are surrounded by teammates who support, encourage, and motivate you! You are instructed by some of Navy Seal and military’s finest athletes to give your all, physically and mentally.

Seal PT changed my life for the better! I will always be thankful to Instructor Walston for that!

Do you have a favorite SEAL PT memory or workout that comes to mind? Even a funny memory involving Instructor Walston or one of the other Instructors?

I never use to pay much attention to the vehicles that people drive until I realized it was a way to identify who was the instructor for the day. When we saw the white truck pull up everybody would say, “Uh oh, It’s Instructor Walston” and quickly get in line. While I would say that Instructor Walston’s bark is much worse than his bite, his presence commands absolute respect. That comes from the consistency in management of the program and making clear his expectations. He definitely has a unique way of motivating you to get moving! He commonly says, “Help me to help you to help me to help you”….lol. Not sure how we help him to help us but you will sure try to avoid the dreaded one-step pushups in the parking lot! With Instructor Walston, it is not just a physical challenge but most importantly he challenges you mentally. Often the mental challenge comes when he has gotten you to the point of physical exhaustion. You have to stay on the ready and give 110%. He is absolute motivation and his stories sometimes comical other times told to make you think, make you aware, make you be more vigilant, but then back to comical with a little two stepping dosie-do all help to keep you on your toes.

Any advice for someone wanting to try SEAL PT?

Absolutely the best motivational program out there! If you need motivation to get going, don’t mind getting a little dirty in the process, and want to see great results you have to give SEAL PT a try. It ranges from all ages up to 70+ years old (still grinding hard) to all fitness levels. Start where you are at your pace and watch yourself improve over time! I have seen people who could barely run, turn into outstanding runners. Others who could barely do a push up or 8 counts, knock them out just a few months later. The program is designed for you to progress and structured with order and discipline in your workouts! It will change you for the better! Thanks for the opportunity to brag on SEAL PT!


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