The Toughest Challenge
You'll Ever Love!

SEAL PT Special Forces Camp 2022

Experience first hand what BUD/S candidates endure! As a student of the SEAL Special Forces Camp you will undergo intense training led by former Navy SEALs and other members of the special operations community. The program is designed to give you insight into the true nature of Navy SEAL training and the level of endurance needed to complete it.

For the special warfare candidate or for those who just want to test their steel. Don’t be a quitter, don’t ring the bell, come and experience the challenge!

Requirements and Eligibility

Age requirements

We welcome persons age 16 and up who feel that they are up to the physical and mental challenge that the course will offer. Parental consent waivers are available by request for young men 15-17 years of age desiring to attend.

Ideal candidates

  • Young men hoping to become U.S. Navy SEALs who want to experience first-hand what they must endure at BUD/S.
  • Those who have already attempted BUD/S but for one reason or another were unable to complete it and are trying to get back to BUD/S.
  • Former military personnel longing for a taste of the past. Men who always wish they would have pursued the special forces.

Gear list

  • 1 complete set of military style camouflaged uniforms
  • Cold weather gear– coat, sweatshirt & pants, polypropylene underwear, gloves, and knit watch cap
  • 1 pair of military style “broken in” jungle boots
  • 1 pair of “broken in” tennis shoes
  • 1 domed 2-man tent & sleeping bag
  • 1 pair of Scuba Pro Rocket fins or large pair of swim fins
  • 1 dive style wet suit top & dive mask (or swim goggles)
  • Back pack & canteen
  • 2 green chemlites & 1 pair of dive booties
  • 6 MRE’s or Mountain House brand Dehydrated Meals (available at any sporting goods store)

Need help finding gear? Check out SOCOM Store.

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