Health & Fitness goals met at Houston Boot camp!

Let’s get real here! Every year it takes awhile for the obligatory New Years Resolutions to either take effect or fade out. That’s right, the “I’m working out at the gym everyday” & “I’m cutting out all processed foods from now to my next birthday” you know the drill.

What I find, is that it’s best to let folks come to the conclusion on their own as to whether or not they are able to adhere to their resolutions. The hope is that they will and if not, then that’s when extreme measures to reach Health & Fitness goals need to be looked at!

How do you know if you’re meeting or making progress towards your goals?

  1. You have measured success both in results and quantity. Quantity not in the number of times you make it to your workout, instead, as in the number of minutes/miles/reps, etc that you are able to complete. As well, in due to time the scale should moving in the direction of weight loss and/or inches lost.
  2. You are enjoying your workout.  That’s right no matter how difficult a workout is there is always a measure of enjoyment, most often of course this satisfaction comes at the end of the workout.
  3. You have a sense of obligation. This obligatory response isn’t negative, in fact, it’s actually a positive response to the habit you are forming. The workout triggers good feelings which in turn makes you NOT want to miss a workout.

While it’s still early in January, you can save yourself some time and get on the road to achieving attainable goals if you find that the above is not happening.  In this case we recommend a strong dose of Houston Boot Camp, Navy SEAL PT style!

Still not sure? You probably don’t need a fitness boot camp if YOU….
  • Enjoy a solo workout. That’s right, just you and the hum of the machine (or the road under your feet) is all the motivation you need.
  • Have an established relationship with your personal trainer and are seeing the results that you need.
  • Don’t like or need to get your workout out of the way before the sun comes up.
  • Enjoy warm showers and hot towels at the local fitness center (okay, well who doesn’t? ha!)
  • Are meeting the majority of your goals.
On the flip side, you may want to consider a boot camp or a group workout if one or more of these describe you:
  • Need the “encouragement” of a group to get motivated and keep you moving towards those New Year’s Resolutions!
  • Look forward to seeing the sunrise over Houston’s Memorial Park.
  • Enjoy keeping the extra $ spent on trainers in your pocket.
  • Are intimidated by the “gym scene”, that’s right no one can even see you at zero dark thirty!
  • Enjoy a solo run but also desire to link up with others for group workouts.
  • Are considering joining the military and need to get in shape before you leave.
  • Are bored with your current routine and need a change of pace & scenery.

Perhaps more than the obvious physical benefits of a Fitness Boot camp is the mental toughness that you may be seeking.  Many of our clients tend to be of the “type A” kind if you will. So, if you’re a Houston lawyer or Entrepreneur or perhaps more than anything, simply an “out of the box thinker” and want to rub shoulders with the same, just remember the saying… Iron Sharpens Iron!


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