It Pays To Be A Winner.
Are You Up For The Challenge?

Whether you’re training to get in shape or join the military, we’ve got a plan for you.


P.E. in the Park Classes are General Fitness classes for anyone wanting a results based workout totally outdoors. 60 minutes of standard “head to toe” calisthenics workouts enhanced with cardio exercises.
$ 69
  • 60 min workouts: Tuesday & Thursday
  • Workouts are held at 6:15 PM
  • Group workouts
  • Cross training
  • Cardio intensive


Not sure where to start? JackFit BaseCamp, designed by Navy SEAL Jack Walston, allows you to get started with our program without having to wait for the next bootcamp. This beginner friendly class is great for those who are just starting out.
$ 99
  • 60 min workouts: Monday - Friday
  • Workouts are held at 5:30 AM
  • Group fitness
  • Cross training
  • Cardio intensive


Our military style Bootcamps are held seasonally. Designed to challenge your limits, this fast-paced course is your first-step to regaining physical and mental confidence. Those who make it to the finish line are welcomed into our long-term training program, Lifers.
$ 299
one time payment
  • Held seasonally
  • Intensive two-week program
  • Group workouts
  • Mentally & physically challenging
  • Cross training & cardio intensive

Our rigorous programs designed to get you into the best shape of your life, both mentally and physically, offer opportunities for all fitness levels to join.

P.E. in the Park

Can’t make it in the morning to welcome sunrise with us? We offer P.E. in the Park in the evenings. With the mindset that fitness is for everyone, we are offering this affordable drop in General Fitness classes designed for anyone wanting a results based workout totally outdoors. 60 minutes of standard “head to toe” calisthenics workouts enhanced with cardio exercises. No yelling, no mud, no team building, etc. – all of that is reserved for bootcamp students!


For determined folks ready to move now, we highly recommend joining our JackFit program prior to the Bootcamp. Beginners friendly workout, it will give you a solid foundation for a healthier lifestyle and will prepare you for our military style seasonal Bootcamp.


The initial military style Bootcamp is 2 weeks long. In this course, the principles of discipline, motivation and team camaraderie are woven into a rigorous physical training course that promises to give as much as an individual is willing to take. Each hour and a half session consists of non-stop full body PT, Navy SEAL style calisthenics. The SEAL P.T. workout is the same one that Navy SEALs utilize, it can be “taken on the road” without the use any equipment. You need to have the ability to move from walking to running or running to sprinting and complete a 90 minute workout. It is challenging! And it is an experience you will remember for life. Our exclusive long-term program, Lifers, is available for those who make it to the finish line. 

What to expect


By incorporating running, jumping jacks, eight-count body builder and much more.


No equipment required. Want to test your limits? Pushups against the pavement are the ultimate challenge.


Mix it up for maximum performance. Take advantage of a wide variety of both cardio & calisthenic training.


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