Train Insane
Or Remain the Same


Yes! We support folks of all fitness levels.

We don’t do this program because we want to showcase accomplished athletes, we do it because we want to help those who need to get back to the person they once were or become that person they’ve always wanted to be. “If you don’t mind, it don’t matter” in other words who cares what you look like or where you’re at in the run time, or if you can’t even do 1 push-up off your knees, just focus on the goal in front of you.

We offer evening classes as well, BUT…

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard “I’m not a morning person”. No worries, you’ll become one and once you do you’ll find out what you’ve been missing out on all these years.

Our youngest client was 15 years old and won “Rookie of the Year 2014”. Our oldest was a 72 years old attorney from Houston that started the program in his mid 60’s! Everyone does the same workouts side by side at their own pace, so mark off that fear!

Give our amazing group of people the opportunity to run/walk with you, cheer you and a pat you on the back at the end of the workout. What you’ve read and what you’ve heard is true, SEAL PT = Camaraderie. 

Marathon runner, triathlete, serious athlete? Even Better! Why? Because you will be able to go full throttle and make significant gains that will push you to the front of the pack in your next event. SEAL PT has a number of accomplished athletes, so come reap the physical and mental benefits!

We promise nothing because we don’t have to, our reputation speak for its self. The results come automatically. Why? Because old school principles of motivation, sweat, & putting out are tried and true principles that work, that and the simple mathematics of eat less/move more. You will get results. 

Yes you will! But not in a crazy way you’ve seen on over the top “bootcamp” programs. SEAL P.T.’s approach is a group one and we occasionally use it to motivate, once you get to know the Instructors you’ll realize this. After the first few workouts you’ll see that the fear turns to inspiration as well as a good dose of laughter, that’s right we have good time!

Next Steps

Now that all of your worries and fears have been addressed, you have NO EXCUSES. Just put one foot in front of the other and make it happen.

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