Costa Rica SEAL P.T. Trip

Every year we have the extreme pleasure of leading clients on what are often time hair-raising, fly by the seat of your pants adventures and this year will be no different as we venture to the Jungles & Beaches of Costa Rica!

We have two trips planned, short trip in March and longer trip in May.

What does it take to be invited on one of these trips? Glad you asked!

  1. First and foremost for these exclusive SEAL PT trips you MUST either be a current or former (in good standing) member of one of our programs. Perhaps you graduated from bootcamp in 1997 or are a member of JackFit or Bodycamp since last month or took our NY classes, all of those qualify. 
  2. Not a member? Not a problem as long as you are traveling as a guest of someone that is!

Now that you know what it takes to even go, let’s discuss what it takes to make the most out of a SEAL PT trip…

  1. The NEED or DESIRE to Go! That’s right just GO! You know get outta dodge, hit the road, don’t look back kind of desire to go. Most stressful year ever? Even better, just GO! Major life change? Want to test your endurance? Just GO!  Milestone coming up? Just GO, Celebrate! All of these reasons are more than enough.
  2. Wanderlust (s a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world). Do you suffer from Wanderlust? NO worries, we have the CURE These are no ordinary adventures these are go remote, very remote, come out recharged and then go for a little luxury at the end to top it off!
  3. Most importantly, to have the most amazing trip ever, you MUST be ready to Expect the unexpected. Enough said!

Grab your passport & your backpack, 

we’ll take care of the rest!

Click below for details on 

Costa Rica SEAL PT Trip

See ya there!



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