The Man of Three Names

This blog has been sitting in the “draft” folder since the end of last year. To share or not to share?  With permission, I’ve chosen today to share this post as Jack and our oldest 2 sons embark on an adventure to Europe, departing this coming week, a last minute yet “waited a whole lifetime […]

Health & Fitness goals met at Houston Boot camp!

Let’s get real here! Every year it takes awhile for the obligatory New Years Resolutions to either take effect or fade out. That’s right, the “I’m working out at the gym everyday” & “I’m cutting out all processed foods from now to my next birthday” you know the drill. What I find, is that it’s […]

Costa Rica SEAL P.T. Trip

Every year we have the extreme pleasure of leading clients on what are often time hair-raising, fly by the seat of your pants adventures and this year will be no different as we venture to the Jungles & Beaches of Costa Rica! We have two trips planned, short trip in March and longer trip in […]